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The Top 10 Most Expensive Toys in the World

The Top 10 Most Expensive Toys in the World

Toys are a part of anyone’s childhood. If you are reading this blog post, you too must have loved toys immensely when you were a child. Any parent wants to see their child having fun with toys.
But parents are often unable to bring all the toys that their children love. But parents try to give their children as many toys as they can. Because childhood is a fast-paced thing. A child will never have the opportunity to spend that childhood again.
So today we hope to bring you information about toys. But these are not just toys. Today we are talking to you about the most expensive toys in the world 2021 ever made in the world. So stay tuned with us until the end of this blog post.

10. Barbie by Stefano Canturi

 Price – $302,500

Barbie dolls are one of the most popular toys in the world. These dolls were created in different countries. Because they were loved by little girls and later became a very popular toy among young girls. There are plenty of girls in the world who collect only barbie dolls toys as their hobby. There are also many women in the world who have change their face like barbie dolls through various surgeries. 
But the barbie doll we mention to you is very expensive. Designed by the famous jewelry designer Stefano Canturi, Diamond Barbie is the most expensive Barbie world record ever sold. It was auctioned at Christie’s and sold for $ 302,000. This barbie doll has a very precious diamond necklace. Thats why this barbie doll is said to be so expensive.

09.Gold Rocking Horse

 Price –  $600,000 

Even when you were a kid you used to ride horses made of wood. Maybe you still have it. This is a popular toy among children in almost every country. But there is something special about this toy horse we tell you. That’s why this horse is made of gold. Imagine that solid gold rocking horse that apparently cost the royal couple Jay-Z and Beyonce  $ 600,000. It was a gift for their daughter.

 Along with this, they once gave away $1.5 billon worth of gifts for her birthday.

08.The Masterpiece Cube

 Price – $1.5 million  

A common magic cube can be found for less than $ 10.00 in bazaars in your neighborhood. So, what is the cost of a state-of-the-art magic cube? One or two thousand?
Well, guess what, there is one that was made of gold, emerald, amethysts, and rubies and costs $ 1.5 million. It was made to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Rubiks Cube.

07.Gold Monopoly 

 Price – $2 million             

It is one of the world’s most expensive version of the Monopoly board game. It is estimated to stand at $2 million.
The 18-karat gold and jewel-encrusted Monopoly was created in 1988 by San Francisco jeweler Sidney Mobell. In addition to gold, the designer says that diamonds are used in various places.

06.Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear 

Price – $2.1 million

Founded in 1880, Steiff Germany is the oldest and the only existing manufacturer of sophisticated teddy bears. They take pride in the high-quality material and the manufacture of their products.
In 2000, Steiff collaborated with the world-famous fashion brand Louis Vuitton and created the most expensive teddy bear ever sold, but in the most expensive toys ever sold list, it only ranked sixth.

05.Shimansky Soccer Ball

Price – $2.59 million

Probably this next toy you would not want to play with.
This $2.59 million soccer ball that took 3 months to be created, is made of 2640 black diamonds, 6620 white diamonds and 3500 African diamonds and of course, you cannot kick it.

04.Lamborghini Aventador Model

Price – $4.6 million

$ 4.6 million for a Lamborghini. But after you learn that what we’re talking about is a car that can be installed in your garage, it’s a different situation.
Take a look at this Lamborghini Aventador Model Car that is studded with Swarovski, as this is exactly the Lamborghini that costs $ 4.6 million!
And if you think you’ve seen them all, take a look at these three most expensive toys ever sold.

03.Madame Alexander Eloise

Price – $5 million

Imaging what you could do if you got $ 5 million? You can do all of this or you can buy a doll. Yes, a doll called Madame Alexander Eloise costs just that.
This doll has about 9 carat diamonds attached to various jewelry and clothing parts.

02.L’Oiseleur (The Bird Trainer)

 Price – $6.25 million

L’Oiseleur, which translates as a bird trainer, is the second most expensive toy in the world. It is a four-foot-tall automaton (doll in motion) created by a French automaton specialist. The price is $ 6,250,000.
It took him 15,000 hours to complete this.

01.Astolat Dollhouse Castle  

Price – $8.5 million

This beautiful toy called Astolat Dollhouse Castle is currently the most expensive toys in the world, priced at $ 8.5 million. This is made to look like a model house.
It is said to be so expensive due to its own structure, which has the best engineering, architecture, sculpture, and creativity. It took 13 years to complete this design.

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