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  • CAS 504-17-6 2-Thiobarbituric acid
  • CAS 504-17-6 2-Thiobarbituric acid
  • CAS 504-17-6 2-Thiobarbituric acid
  • CAS 504-17-6 2-Thiobarbituric acid
  • CAS 504-17-6 2-Thiobarbituric acid
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Date : November 18, 2021
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Location :ADD1002, Block C, Hanjie International Headquarters, Zhongbei Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

Product Name 2-Thiobarbituric acid



Molecular Formula C4H4N2O2S

Molecular Weight 144.15


Chemical property

Related categoriesHeterocyclic Compounds;Aromatics;PYRIMIDINE;Bases & Related Reagents;Nucleotides;Sulfur & Selenium Compounds;Aromatics Compounds;Building Blocks;C4 to C5;Chemical Synthesis;Heterocyclic Building Blocks;Pyrimidines;Heterocycle-Pyrimidine series

Appearance Liquid Clear colorless Off-White to Yellow Powder

Melting Point 245 °C (dec.)(lit.)

Boiling Point

Flash Point

Density 1.451 (estimate)


Refractive index 1.7690 (estimate)

Storage Inert atmosphere,2-8°C

EPA chemical information

“Water solubility

 “50g/l slightly soluble <6 g/L (20 ºC)



Uses quantitate lipopolysaccharides, carrageenan, and sialic acids, and to detect lipid hydroperoxides and lipid oxidation.

synthetic method

HS code 29335995

Specific rotation

Acidity coefficient (PKA)3.96±0.20(Predicted)


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Add:1002, block C, Hanjie international headquarters, Zhongbei Road,Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

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